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Belle Pearl (2013)

by Arianne Richmonde(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 3
Mighty Publications
review 1: 4.5 stars - I believe I liked this book the best of all 5 since you get a peak at Alexandre's POV and see how much he cares for Pearl. In the first three books (written in Pearl's POV), I found myself wondering why Alexandre seemed preoccupied, where he went/what happened when he left town, and his feelings about his past relationships. This book answered some questions I had from the first three books.
review 2: I had read The Pearl trilogy and enjoyed it. Alexandre and Pearl rocked my world. Alexandre Chevalier became my BBF (book boyfriend). He's not too controlling, HOT in bed (and other places), and a sexy Frenchman. Then I finally read books 4 & 5 of the Pearl series... Pearl and Belle Pearl from Alexandre's POV. Crazy ex-girlfriends, dealing with Pearl's
... more fears and insecurities, fighting for his Pearl, this last book in the Pearl series rounds out the story. It was more than I had expected, and I fell for Alexandre a bit more. The sexiness is there and more drama. This is a terrific addition to the Pearl trilogy and not meant to be read without having read the previous books. It gave a whole new angle to the stories... and a NEW ending!! I was blown away... scared... thinking, "WTH?! NOOOO!!!" and I think that my heart stopped beating for a moment. Wow! Well done, Arianne, well done! less
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I loved Alexandre's pov..he love this woman. It's such a wonderful story.
What a great way to end this series!! So happy for Pearl & Alexandre!!
What a great way to end a series...LOVED IT!!!
Loved it, preferred her version though!!
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