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MetaMaus: A Look Inside A Modern Classic, Maus (2011)

by Art Spiegelman(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 4
037542394X (ISBN13: 9780375423949)
review 1: I produced the DVD that accompanies this book. As a lifelong fan of Maus and admirer of Art Spiegelman, it was an amazing experience. The DVD carries with it the weight of forever preserving the reality of this work and the experiences of the people. As the generation that is responsible for transmitting the history of the Holocaust to the next generation that will never meet a survivor it is essential that the artifacts of these tellings are preserved and retold so that the history does not just become the stuff of text books. We must ensure that the next generation realize that the Holocaust was not just something that happened but something that happened to people.
review 2: I read this book after visiting the Art Spiegelman retrospective at New York's Jewis
... moreh Museum, and it was a fabulous way to delve deeper into some of the themes of that exhibit. I've been a Maus fan for years, so I can only speak from that perspective, but this book was an incredible gift. It illuminates some of the auto/biographical holes in Maus, and adds additional insights on all sorts of aspects of Spielgelman's research and writing process. When reading Maus, you know you are looking at the work of a talented and smart guy, but MetaMaus lets you into the theory and reasoning behind it. Highly recommended. less
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I'd love to see this level of self-analysis and background for some other great works.
A great book and essay to thoroughly understand and appreciate the amazing Maus.
Will make you fall in love with Spiegelman all over again.
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