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The Queen's Lady (2009)

by Barbara Kyle(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 4
0758241690 (ISBN13: 9780758241696)
review 1: The Catholics are persecuting/killing the New Lutherans/Protestants/heretics....they both are killing the Anabaptists who in turn are killing all those they deem as "sinners" and that list is long. John Lennon's "Imagine" kept going thru my mind as I read the latter part of this interesting book. Less a historical romance and more a historical novel, and perhaps a little long, but I did enjoy it. It made me think of how so many have been killed thru the ages all in the name of God and how very wasteful and sad that is. Some things never change.
review 2: I was so disappointed. I thought I was reading a book in a different series since they have the same title, otherwise I probably never would have read this one. It was WAY too descriptive and I had to skip page
... mores to get through it. It was also drawn out, in both descriptions and plot, and I ended up just speed reading it to the end. Also, the push of atheism did not sit well with me. All in all, not happy with it. less
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Good historical fiction. Too much burning of heretics in the days of Henry VIII.
awful. I had to quit reading because the book was going nowhere.
Good book a bit slow
Couldn't finish it.
It was okay.
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