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Cadavre 19 (2013)

by Belinda Bauer(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 3
2265097209 (ISBN13: 9782265097209)
Fleuve Noir
review 1: Oh what a treat. I will be seeking out this author. Plenty of interesting characters linked in obscure ways but all valid and vital. Coma guy, wild daughter, shallow nurse, opportunist husband, dead father, complex flatmates, unstable mother - all swirling around Patrick, the Aspergers teen with a fascination with death- set for the somepart in the dissection lab. Go on, you deserve a treat. (4.5 by the way)
review 2: The critics who mention Mark Haddon's Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time when reviewing this book do it a disservice by raising unrealistic expectations. Haddon's book uses fiction to explore Asperger's Syndrome: Bauer's uses the condition as a plot device. Rubbernecker is a good crime read, and one shouldn't expect more. It's essentia
... morelly plot driven, and none the worse for that (although it perhaps goes a sub-plot too far). The villain of the main plot is no real surprise, but there are still surprises, and plenty of enjoyment, to be had. less
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I really liked this. It's a detective story with a twist, and which doesn't give all the answers.
i really enjoyed reading this. it's different than other crimes! but really good!
Read this book in 2 days...couldnt put it down...highly recommended
Virkistävän erilainen rikostarina. Patrick vei sydämeni :)
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