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The Fecund's Melancholy Daughter (2011)

by Brent Hayward(Favorite Author)
3.27 of 5 Votes: 1
1926851137 (ISBN13: 9781926851136)
Chizine Publications
review 1: Hayward's turn of phrase is very unique and very descriptive, and this is probably why I hung in and finished this book, even though it is really very confusing. Most of the book I felt kind of baffled, thinking that I might have missed something that made it clearer, and at the end, I felt like I must have many incomplete threads. It's refreshing, however, to read something really rather unique in the science fiction realm.
review 2: This novel was an interesting read. The way the "chapters" bounce back and forth without introduction makes it a bit difficult to keep up with the changes, but somehow it held my interest. The world that Hayward creates is also a bit removed from anything I can really relate to, which I believe is the point, but it also makes it
... more difficult to latch onto the story line until I was able to kind of pick up a knowledge base within the world. I didn't necessarily find this read compelling, but it was interesting and I wanted to see how the different storylines would meet up, if ever. Overall, I'd say it was an interesting, yet difficult read. less
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Very interesting book with unusual concepts; very confusing ending (to me at least).
This is copy 3 of 35 signed numbered copies.
I'm not too sure what happened.
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