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Kisses To Remember (2012)

by Christine DePetrillo(Favorite Author)
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Christine DePetrillo
review 1: A husband in prison, a cantankerous father in law, a bright ten year old, a loveable dog, weapons deals, murder and love - wow! Ms. DePetrillo has all of that in her book and juggles it with skill. I was impressed by her involved plot that kept me reading. I was equally impressed with her ability to write a believable child. Children often come off contrite or simpletons. Not in Christine's book. It's a believable love story fraught with conflict. Very entertaining.
review 2: 3.5 stars. The best part of this story hands down was Holden Lancaster. For him, I read to the end. Johanna Ware became secondary. I did love her son, Kam. He is one of the few child characters that didn't annoy me. The humor in the beginning of the story is what really hooked me. I laughe
... mored out loud more than once. However, the further into the story I read, the more there were little things I didn't care for. First off, too much sex. There is such a thing as creating sexual tension without having to describe everything being done. Give me more romance, more love, and less lust. Also, some of the characters (aka "bad guys") were a little cartoonish. I didn't believe in the plane landing in her field and taking back off (for that matter, I didn't believe in the plane crash disappearing either.) I didn't understand Holden flying Kam to the hospital in it. How was that possible when she drove there before? Would the airport have been close to the hospital? How would the authorities have simply questioned Holden and then let him go? Overall, I'm not sure I'd recommend this book. The negatives outweigh it. On the other hand, I don't regret reading it either. less
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new author discovered and she's great!
Not a great book but not bad either
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