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Minding Mistress (2010)

by Cooper McKenzie(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This one was okay. It just didn't do it for me. My biggest problem is that there was no sexual interaction between the men. And by that, I mean not even a hug or a kiss. They say they care yet don't show it at all. And Gentry just keeps refusing to try anything with Antony, yet says he'd do anything for his Mistress. You don't like having sex with a guy, fine. But you're in a menage relationship with each other and supposedly care for one another. Would it kill you to at least hug the other guy? Maybe try kissing him? You'll never know for sure unless you try. This is one of my biggest problems with m/f/m books (though not if the males are siblings). I mean, if you seriously care about the people you're in a relationship with, you should have some interaction with each oth... moreer. And I don't buy that oh, it's all about the girl bullshit. If you love someone you wouldn't want them to share a life with anyone else except with someone you cared and/or respected which in time could turn to caring/loving the others in your menage. It just bugged me throughout the book and distracted me from truly enjoying the book. Other than that,it was a good read.
review 2: Angelique’s Review “Minding Mistress” was not what I was expecting. Instead of a novella that was focused mainly on BDSM and sex, I found a story that was rich with emotion and characterization.The characters were amazingly crafted by Ms. McKenzie. They are realistic and flawed, trying to fill the holes in their lives. The relationship between Anthony, Gentry, and Jenna flows like magic, engaging the reader and pulling us along until the happily ever after.Though I was impressed with the characters, the author’s knowledge of the BDSM scene and use of it as the background to the story was what caught my attention. We learn right along with Gentry about the expectations and responsibilities of the sub in the loving environment created by Ms. McKenzie. I learned quite a bit and it made the sex scenes even hotter.Overall, I was very pleased with “Minding Mistress” and hope to read more work from this author in the future.4 1/2 Tea Cups! less
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I am so glad to have enjoyed another Book By Cooper McKenzie The series is wonderful Thank You
Enjoyed this story of Jenna and her slave boys.
It was nice to have a woman in charge!
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