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A Sting In The Tale: My Adventures With Bumblebees (2014)

by Dave Goulson(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 4
1250048370 (ISBN13: 9781250048370)
review 1: This is a beautifully written natural history of the gentle bumblebee, with humor, and pathos, too; the life of a bumblebee is not an easy one. Neither, it would appear, is the life of bumblebee researchers. The author loved Gerald Durrell's books as a child, and this book has some of the flavor of Durrell's "My Family and Other Animals." Really interesting, and next Spring I'm planting a flower bed of blooms loved by bumblebees.
review 2: Love this smart and informative work. It is always fun to read a book where the author is clearly "the" expert and shares his interest passionately. I learned so many facts about bumblebees and will forever enjoy watching them with different focus. Before, bumblebees were just fun to watch fly about, now I will want to kno
... morew what kind they are and how far their habitat stretches and how I can encourage more of them to visit my flowers. less
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Just finished this, it was a cracking book. Well worth a read if you're into nature.
Absolutely awesome and very well written. My favourite book this year.
lovely book. I will look at bumblebees in a whole new light
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