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Of Bees And Mist (2009)

by Erick Setiawan(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 3
1416596240 (ISBN13: 9781416596240)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: Of Bees and Mist is a masterpiece. It cleverly combines utterly honest truth about how one self-possessiveness and hatred can ruin people's lives with absolutely magical surroundings and magical happenings. With a light hand, Erick Setiawan guides as through the story in which we meet strong personages and their victories and failures. It depicts women to be heroines of every day, putting themselves aside for the sake of others' well-being and happiness, only to find themselves fighting for the right and good.Meridia is in my heart the strongest women heroine I've encountered and her wit, intelligence, good-heartedness and the way she handles excruciating pain and problems has basically made her my personal hero.
review 2: This sounded like it would be right up
... more my alley: Houses that have ghosts in the mirrors, stairs that randomly change the number of steps, parents who seem to be under some sort of evil enchantment or curse, and a daughter trying to figure out how to fix things. All the type of things that usually I enjoy in a book.Unfortunately, it just didn't grab me, and I didn't finish it. I hung on until page 100 of 400, but the overall tone and feel of the book and the characters was melancholy, depressing and I really had the sense that everyone was doomed. It was just too depressing to stick with this book.Possibly, if you do stick with the whole thing, the author does bring about SOME good things for Meridia and her life, but I just wasn't tough enough to find out. I got more depressed with each additional page I read, and just wanted out. This was a miss for me. less
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A fun book.. Magic meets society in a whole new way. All of the right questions are left unanswered.
Just started this to discover its fantasy/ghost story, which I really cannot handle.
Very strange book. Had a hard time discerning what was real and what was fiction.
Started off a bit slow but ended up powering through and enjoying it
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