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Aquaman, Vol. 4: Death Of A King (2014)

by Geoff Johns(Favorite Author)
4 of 5 Votes: 2
1401246966 (ISBN13: 9781401246969)
DC Comics
Aquaman Vol. VII
review 1: I enjoyed this one, it finally had what I have been wanting out of an Aquaman comic...watery fights, mysterious depths, fishy politics, and sexy/sassy fish ladies. Mera is awesome. The artwork was freaking phenomenal too! Quite a few pages that took me by surprise and left me staring.So much goodness.It all wrapped up a little sugar coated/happily ever after for me, but I'm not gonna complain because for the most part this book didn't stray off into any of the other DCU titles to tell its story.Mostly.Anyways. Aquaman. Good comic. Who woulda thunk?
review 2: And so continues the adventures of the Aquaman a surprisingly good comic despite featuring a hero that is often made fun of.There are a few snags with the story this time that need to be addressed thi
... mores time. Johns ended the last arc by having Aquaman fall into a coma, at the time I believed he would set up some new problems that have arisen since his last time in battle but nothing really seems to have happened. Although the story is fun and has great writing I feel that there is a missed opportunity, this is the same issue with Scott Snyder's run on Batman. Both writers are playing it fairly safe and perhaps they are controlled by DC's mandate but the thought that the story will end with no huge changes undermines its tension.The art by Paul Pelletier is great and he is a welcome replacement to the talented Ivan Reis. Pelletier can manage large battle sequences and has a classic style to his art which is quite nice giving the book a retro quality which meshes nicely with the fairly straight comic story lines produced by Johns. less
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Still loving Aquaman, story was really interesting and the art is still awesome.
Amazing art and amazing Aquaman action!
Good, but a flat, rushed ending.
Aquaman continues to be awesome.
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