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Happier At Home: How I Learned To Pay Attention, Cram My Day With What I Love, Hold More Tightly, Embrace Here, And Remember Now (2013)

by Gretchen Rubin(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 2
0307886794 (ISBN13: 9780307886798)
Three Rivers Press
review 1: I realized after I started reading I had never read the Happiness Project but I picked this up just due to the title. I found it thought provoking in many ways, maybe not for the actual events in the author's life, but more for her mantras and little nuggets of thought to make oneself conciously more happy. I liked her ideas of just little small things can make you happy and setting little monthly goals to set progress. Interesting read and would be worth if not reading again, perusing the idea of monthly happiness goals.
review 2: finally finished this book: it was a book club book that I skimmed through quickly, then finished it in detail later. very good, easy to read and fun. I found out read almost like a journal of this woman's attempt to make her home li
... morefe happier. she shared her ideas, triumphs, failures and through in plenty of introspection to determine if the whole idea was with it. obviously the specific ideas were very personal to her, but the principles she was building on were good ones, and adaptable to individuals. I found myself trying several ideas of my own and seeing positive results. great read. less
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"Choose the Bigger Life." I keep coming back to this one and I'm so glad it stuck in my mind!
It was an ok read. I liked a few of her points but it was not what I expected.
Some helpful takeaways. Nothing earth-shattering, but helpful nonetheless.
I love Gretchen, but at times it was a little too New York.
Boring, annoying, and pretentious!
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