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The Art Of Neil Gaiman: The Visual Story Of One Of The World's Most Vital Creative Forces (2014)

by Hayley Campbell(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 3
1781571392 (ISBN13: 9781781571392)
review 1: This was a fun and interesting read. Each chapter builds on the collected works of Neil Gaiman and is richly illustrated with all kinds of items from Neil's own collection, such as notes, concept art, photographs, and more. While the book is titled with an emphasis on the visual, there is plenty of text of interview snippets and details on the inspiration and background of the creative process of his many works.
review 2: Quite interesting look at the behind-the-scenes of my favorite living author. The format of this brick of a book seems better suited to either decorating coffee tables or beating up thugs in alleys than to holding and reading; but it is beautiful to look at, full of pictures and anecdotes. And it is, as I said, interesting to those fans of the
... more author who (like myself) like to know the story behind the stories. I started trying to read it straight through, but ended up skipping through some sections to those pertaining to the books I'd actually read. The section on Sandman was, to me, the most eye-opening, but there are good tidbits all throughout. Worth a look if you're a Gaiman lover. less
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beautiful art and inspiring words ans life story
A beautiful book about a lovely soul.
Now I want to reread all his books...
A most excellent book!
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