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Cruising Attitude: Tales Of Crashpads, Crew Drama, And Crazy Passengers At 35,000 Feet (2012)

by Heather Poole(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 2
0061986461 (ISBN13: 9780061986468)
William Morrow Paperbacks
review 1: Parts of the book are great. I loved the insider's view of the airline industry, working conditions, and crazy passengers. But Poole's personal story wasn't all that interesting. Framing it through her experience was a reasonable method, but I just never cared for her story as much as the generalizations. And despite all her protestations that she loves her job, it felt like she did a LOT of complaining. Granted, after reading this I have no desire to be a flight attendant (any more than I already had, which was basically zero), but this almost reads as a "Save yourself!!!" between the lines.
review 2: Poole is not a fantastic writer (it probably didn't help that I read this immediately after several really well written books), but as someone who takes some enj
... moreoyment from travel it was interesting to hear the behind-the-scenes point of view. I think I've always secretly wanted to be a flight attendant for various reasons, and this book made me realize that it's probably a much easier game when you're single or at least childless, so who knows, maybe it will be my second career way down the road. An entertaining read nonetheless. less
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Really interesting...just wish she hadn't been quite so discreet! LOL
Pure entertainment; mind candy.
Too boring to finish.
A terrible read!
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