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The Marked (Talents #2 (2000)

by Inara Scott(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 4
Delcroix Academy
review 1: pg 191 progress comments "I beginning to hate all the characters. Hennie - too crazy in love (not bad though) Esther - becoming all depressed JUST because she doesn't have a BF. She's 14, for goodnessakes, you're not getting married any time soon so stop acting like THAT girl. Cam - clueless. Dancia - sits there and does nothing. Cam and Dancia - terrible relationship. Jack - I liked you... but... Barret - He's probably evil, haha..."Finished:I got pissed at everyone, because I thought all the characters basically sucked. Too lazy to go into detail, but mostly Esther from the beginning towards the late middle. Getting depressed and changing yourself just because you don't have a boyfriend? Are you kidding me. You are FOURTEEN. Enough said. Basically everyone drove me bonke... morers during the middle of the book. And Dancia just sat there doing nothing. The romance in the book is eh... I don't feel it between Cam and Dancia. I miss Jack... He's gone over the edge. Hopefully he can climb back...I love the plot though, characters could've been dealt with better in my opinion.
review 2: A Worthy SequelThe story continues from the first book but the vibe in this sequel is different. No longer the girl going-with-the-flow like in the first book, Dancia is a stronger character in this sequel, having to stand on her own without Jack by her side. The romance between Cam and Dancia have become more confusing for me, though. The story failed to convince me how these two could have the strong connection that Dancia claimed they have - although, on the contrary, I am convinced of the complicated relationship between Dancia and Jack. I wasn't convinced that Cam was a worthy character in the story until towards the end of the book when he finally became his own person rather a puppet just following someone else's lead.There's more action, more characters, more conspiracy, and more drama in this sequel. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it while reading. For those who enjoyed the first book - you won't be disappointed with this sequel. less
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WoW I really love this series, I can't wait for the next book.
why does this release keep being pushed back?
So action packed!
Can't wait!
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