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Perfectly Normal (2000)

by Jaden Wilkes(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 2
The Beast
review 1: I really liked The Beast, so couldn't wait to start Perfectly Normal. It wasn't a bad read, I was just disappointed in it. The epilogue from The Beast ruined Perfectly Normal for me. I don't want to post spoilers, So this next part will be vague (sorry). When the major event at the end of the book happens, you know Columbia and Dimitri will live through it because of the epilogue of book 1. So because of that, I found it a little boring, no suspense for me at all. I wasn't wondering what was going to happen to the characters, I know that they don't die. Then the epilogue in this book, made no sense to me. Is it an introduction to new characters or is it a characters past?
review 2: Holy Sh*t! This book is very hot! But then, what else should I expect fr
... moreom the dirty-minded Jaden Wilkes? This book should come with a warning label, the sex scenes are very dirty and very naughty.So Columbia and Dimitri are currently holed up in Hong Kong with the concierge. She is being trained to fight by the concierge, whom she is also attempting to endear herself to despite his seeming indifference and occasional distaste for her.In this book you see a definite progression in Columbia and Dimitri's relationship and the strengthening of their feelings for each other. Despite the downright dirty f*cking it is obvious how much they love each other. Jaden left us with a very intriguing epilogue which introduces us to a new character whose story seems set to blow our minds. And with Columbia and Dimitri still having unfinished business, this combined with the epilogue ensures that anyone who reads this book will be left wanting more. less
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Swoon!! A definite five star review to follow soon! Stayed up to finish this & couldn't out it down!
Really love this series can't wait for the next book, I want it now!!!!Great job!
WOW That was one hell of an epilogue!!!!!
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