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Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter (2012)

by Jessica Sims(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 5
1451661819 (ISBN13: 9781451661811)
Midnight Liaisons
review 1: 4.5 stars. This book was great and fixed almost all the problems i had with the 1st one. I was worried that the heroine would be too wimpy for my tastes but she really stepped up her game and even ended up with a little bit of warrior princess in her. She came from an abusive past and managed to find her feet and be strong again which is always a storyline i love but it felt underplayed-as if the author was trying to keep even the dark material light. Its not necessarily a bad thing but i think making it a stronger part of the story couldve really enriched the book. The hero is a big smexy were-bear (and i totally giggle every time i think about that). But most interesting of all hes A VIRGIN...waaaaat?! Thats new but not entirely unwelcome. I love his contrast between big... more intimidating im a bear persona and how gentle and undemanding he is with the heroine. The romance in this one was much more well developed and very well paced. The sex scenes were hot but what is this authors deal with the girl having to basically get herself off during sex. this is the main reason i detracted half a star because while im not expecting the magical (and completely unrealistic) simultaneous orgasm i do prefer that the actually ya know please the woman and not be constantly be finishing before she gets hers (fellas its just rude!). The plot was enthralling in this one and enriched the world set up in the first one. At first i wasnt thrilled about the wolves being the villains of the piece but she threw me a bone (tehe) and gave me one good wolf so i was ok with that. The writing was lovely and fairly nuanced for a PNR. Overall a very enjoyable read and will be looking out for others in the series
review 2: 2 1/2 verging on 3 stars. Enjoyable but not the best.This is a second book in the series and could easily be read as a stand alone. Paranormal romance which means it’s usually going to be a hit or miss. It had some unique qualities I had yet to see in the various books I’d read. But the author took those qualities to the extreme.Sarah as had sex before, but the way I understood it, it was abuse. So right off the bat I’m not understanding her reactions to sex with the main male lead (Ramsey). Ramsey is huge, hulking, terrifying and basically a teddy bear (haha he’s a bear shifter haha you see what the author did there? Hehe… *sigh*) and he's pretending to be her mate for the book to save her from a wolf pack. She begins to like Ramsey and fall in love with him the usual thing. But in all accounts she should still be traumatized by the idea of sex or... something more than just "Ok I'm over my fear with you, I think I like you, I definitely lust after you, stick it in me!" That jarred me and made me shake my head. It felt like there should have been more conflict in that area.Now the unique things in this book that did grasp my attention.A Female lead who has had a seriously abusive past overcomes this problem in the end - or at least starts on it. She also finds her strength through love and when all is said and done she takes that strength and saves instead of being the one needing saving (being the typical damsel in distress). I admit the entire book had me wound up and ready for you typical, average "Help I'm kidnapped" scene.The second thing that had me smiling that was out of the ordinary was that the main male was a virgin and totally inexperienced in just about every way when it came to sex and foreplay.But in the end it really seemed like the author was trying hard to break out of the stereotypes, and threw a lot of them into one book. I think it would have read better and been more believable and realistic if she'd had a balance going on (of course this ties in with my feelings that Sarah probably shouldn't have been so gung-ho for intimate times.) So for me it hangs on that one key detail - Sarah wasn't afraid of sex when she got to know Ramsey.In real life You can love someone and still be afraid of sex with them due to past abuse. Ramsey being experienced and helping Sarah through her fears about sex would have been much more beilievble and satisfying, I think. less
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Another win in this series. I wasnt eager to read this one but, i ended up really enjoying it.
OMG miren de lo que es capas ese oso GRANDE! xDDD..Lo que tenia escondido! xD
Fun. Quick. Straight forward read. Pretending to be mated turns real.
Sarah and RamseySarah was a little bit too weak for my tastes.
A fun quick read.
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