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Truth In Advertising (2013)

by John Kenney(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 3
1451675542 (ISBN13: 9781451675542)
review 1: The Boston Globe said "the comedy sparkles" and that was true for the most part, about 40 pages into the book,we learn the truth about Finbar Dolan.Fin is ,I think,is somewhat as I would imagine Holden Caulfield would be in his late 40s . Fin is the narrater of his own story and is often not truthful,certainly not with his friends and coworkers at the advertising agency in New York. What they know about Fins family is that his Mother and Father are dead and he has no siblings. Not true ! His Mother is indeed dead,not so the Father. He also has an older Brother Eddie, younger Sister,Maura and Younger Brother,Kevin. He has not seen or talked to any of them in many years. To be fair,his family members also don't see or talk to each other and none of them even know where there... more Father is. In reading the family's history I was reminded of Tolstoys great novel " Anna Karenina"( not the novel, just the great opening line) " All happy families are the alike,each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way" and WOW Fin and his family are very ,VERY unhappy. When Fins brother calls him about the news that their Father is dyeing,all of His many lies start to catch up to him at the same time he and his coworkers are dealing with the problems of a diaper commercial to be aired on Super Bowl Sunday.they are on a very tight budget with only a few weeks to get it all together . Who knew how much time and money go's into a one minute commercial about a new type of baby diaper. How even with all that is going on in Fins life,the humor is still woven in throughout the story. A very good book with humor and sadness.
review 2: Really humorous look at corporate America, specifically, advertising. Fin is a mess in his family life, love life, and work life. At first I wasn't sure where this novel was going, but I enjoyed the humor and writing. As the story progressed, it went deeper as Fin discovers a lot about himself and why he is the way he is. I thought John Kenney was successful at giving the reader something to think about in a really funny, approachable way. less
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Had to abandon this - felt like chick lit for white men.
Wasn't my kind of book. Won an advanced copy.
Couldn't finish.
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