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Finding Master Right (2013)

by L.A. Witt(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 2
Riptide Publishing
review 1: ohhhhhhh, these guys want eachother soooo much! But each of them holds back. They are dancing around eachother and it builds and builds. The POV alternates between the two MC. It's so great because we get to know what they are thinking and how they react to the same situation or conversation. I really like alternating POV.Chase and Derek are at the convention. Throw in Derek's ex, Derek's fantasy Dom (or is he?) Raul and a leather vendor and his sub out to have good time, you get lots of stuff happening! Oh did I mention super hot?L.A.Witt is a master writer. She gets me every time with her stories. Reading a Witt book, you know it's gonna be great.Highly recommended. And I want to read it again.
review 2: This book didn't turn out to my liking even though I re
... moreally tried to get into its spirit, but in the end I voted for a D grade. The sub is a masochist and while recently I have read a number of good books where this inclination was featured, I didn't find it sexy or arousing at all in this case. There was one nipple torture scene in the story that was just too painful for me and not in a sexy kind of way. In the end it just grossed me out. There's plenty of sex in the book but the two MCs only have a go at each other in the last quarter of the story, as the sub tries out anyone who tickles his fancy while visiting a leather convention with his future dom and current good friend.The most repulsive part for me happend between a secondary leather couple where the sub calls his dom Daddy. Now I know this is common practice in some circles, but I don't perceive it as sexy that's why I avoid it religiously. I go by the live and let live policy that's why I usually screen my reads, unfortunately not enough this time. D less
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It's full of drama. The various side characters kept things interesting throughout the story.
too much back and forth. no communication. the story dragged.
Bought based on rec somewhere -review to come.
3.5 stars
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