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Sometimes It Happens (2011)

by Lauren Barnholdt(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 5
144241314X (ISBN13: 9781442413146)
Simon Pulse
review 1: "Sometimes it happens" is one of those novels where you're nearing the end and you think the last 100 pages have been ripped out of the book.This is your average teenage read, about a girl named Hannah who's starting her first day of senior year. But she's dreading this year so much more than others because of certain actions and activities that played out during the summer. But that's when it gets interesting. This book has been very well executed, written in present tense and then past tense, from the summer. We get to hear what Hannah was thinking and doing during the summer and then it goes back to her first day and what other problems are happening then. Meanwhile the summer's activities and the way she reacts during her first day link perfectly together. When you fir... morest start this novel, you don't have a clue what's happening, as you don't know what major things happened during the summer. But as the story moves further on, you learn about new stories and actions that further develop the plot. 'The summer' and 'the first day of senior year' both consistently end with cliffhangers, making you want to read on. Hannah's summer story is a mystery to the readers, until further on in the book, when the conflicts become more and more serious. The only things I would've changed about this book, are: 1. The constant use of brackets on every page. I'm not a big fan of brackets, I don't come across a lot of books that use them this much. And to me, it seems like the author is trying to hide unnecessary information in between these two curved lines. 2. The ending. This book could've ended so many different ways and I feel like the ending was all of a sudden too positive considering the huge mistake that was made. In reality, you won't have a friend that will take it that lightly after a couple hours. This book was such a pleasure and page turner to read. It kept me reading on and on. I didn't even realize I was halfway through after one sitting. This book will definitely keep you hooked until the very end.
review 2: First of all the plot line and the summary got me intrigued. Typical girl is in love with best friends boyfriend. But how the author told the story was in an amazing manner. I liked how the chapters would rotate between the summer, and first day of senior year. Every chapter you would find out clues and I would be shocked. On the side note in the first half of the book I felt like I could relate to her the things she said to herself actually made me laugh. I've had such a huge readers block probably for months and now I don't thanks to this book. I highly recommend this book. The only thing I would maybe change is make the ending somewhat more realistic. less
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Loved it, some times I just need to be transported back to high school.
Pretty good book, read this in one day.
Review to come.
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