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Sixty-One Nails (2009)

by Mike Shevdon(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
0007333994 (ISBN13: 9780007333998)
Angry Robot
Courts of the Feyre
review 1: It is a pretty good story. I usually don't like urban fantasy, but this one works well. I like the magic system there in as well as most of the characters. They make horrible decisions, given the information they have at the time. If they were real people, you would want to yell at them for it, but they make really really good decisions for establishing tension and escalating conflicts. The story is good, but the flow and tension is great.
review 2: I teased my partner that, with this volume, he was introducing me to a Dan Brown style adventure (not a favorite author of his). Shevdon too sustains a high level of suspense throughout his story, as a secret history unfolds and takes the protagonist and his companion on a thrilling search for clues. But the world b
... moreuilding here is much more fertile than Brown's pulp, and aside from a slightly clunky romance the characters are better developed. The plot is more substantial and more believable than Brown's, even with supernatural elements present here. I look forward to reading the rest of this series. less
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A mix of Gaiman and Butcher. I like his use of modern day magic and make sense of the nonsensical.
Predictable, starts good but gradually descends into predictable cliches.
loved it but the quality is ruined somewhat by the amount of errors
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