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Ico: Castle In The Mist (2011)

by Miyuki Miyabe(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
1421540630 (ISBN13: 9781421540634)
review 1: While some parts of the story were interesting (especially as a supplement to the game), Miyuki Miyabe does not have a gift for story-telling. I was not drawn in by the writing style or the pacing, and though one of the two main characters was rather interesting, most of the book lacked the kind of characterization that I enjoy. Overall, not bad, but I probably wouldn't read another book by this author.
review 2: It is the novelization of a beloved video game, so there is some possibility that my joy in reading it is biased by my fond memories of the engaging mystery and emotion of the game. That being said, I think it would also be a great read for lovers of fantasy who have NOT played the game, even if they do not recognize the places and moments that conjur
... moree up game nostalgia for those who HAVE played it. The author takes some artistic liberty filling in gaps in the game world's story, but I am assured that she does so with the blessing of the game's creators - and everything written jives perfectly with my internal version of the game's backstory. I was concerned that removing the vaguery left by the writers would also dismantle much of the mystery, but to my pleasant surprise the mystery remains. less
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Britton made me read it, but I liked it A LOT more than I expected!
Never played the game. Still thoroughly enjoyed the book.
this book is the bast book aver
Great book, very engrossing.
Pretty good story
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