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Criminal Enterprise (2013)

by Owen Laukkanen(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
0399157905 (ISBN13: 9780399157905)
Putnam Adult
Stevens & Windermere
review 1: by a Canadian author, though is set in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Windermere, female FBI agent is investigating a violent bank robbery, and follows a lead to her main suspect, but her co-workers are leaning in another direction. At the same time, Stevens, a Minnesota state investigator, is working on another case, but is pulled into the suspect's orbit through their daughters' basketball team. Stevens had worked with Windermere on another case (first book in series, which I have\had not read), and they reconnect. Heroes are believable and likable, the criminal is not likable, but believable, also. Slow start to the book, and to the connection of the two agents, but then the pace quickens and becomes almost too much.
review 2: What separates "Criminal Enterprise"
... more from other mystery thrillers is not the writing, which is very good, or the complex, true-to-life protagonists, Carla Windermere and Kirk Stevens, it is the badass villain, Carter Tomlin. I cannot remember the last book I read where the antagonist is so carefully and believably developed. At first, we - the reader - feel sympathetic toward Tomlin. We even understand and probably root for him to succeed when he first turns to robbery. As we flip the pages, Tomlin changes. Before long we're aware that he is a psychopath, and we eagerly anticipate his downfall. Owen Laukkanen's novel is chocked full of fascinating characters and the plot has more twists and turns than a Hawaiian island highway. I've only read one other Laukkanen novel, so I have to restrain my enthusiasm at least a little, but "Criminal Enterprise" is as close to reading Elmore Leonard at his best as we are likely to ever see. less
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Guy went from coach of teenage girl's basketball team to psycho killer in two seconds.
Wow! This had me on the edge for all 406 pages. Loved it.
Good stuff but not as book #1, the Professionals
Crazy - but fun to read and kept me interested
excellent read loved it
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