“A Snow Country Christmas” by Linda Lael Miller (#4 The Carsons of Mustang Creek) ★★★1/2

Movie producer, Mick Branson, comes back to Mustang Creek, Wyoming to surprise his friend, Slater Carson, with an early televised release of a documentary Slater filmed about his home state. Mick also has a secondary reason for returning to his favorite vacation destination: Raine McCall, an independent and unique graphic artist, who also happens to share a daughter with Slater.

This is a no-angst love story which makes a nice, cozy read, especially surrounding the holidays. There is a heartwarming tie between Raine’s deceased grandfather, who was a prolific author and Mick’s own desire to settle down from his high-stress job and write a novel. There is also a slight magical-realism slant to the story wherein the grandfather’s old cabin appears to be haunted.

The one drawback is the instant jump from openly showing interest in each other to immediately declaring their love and wish for marriage (this happened within a couple of days). Other than that, it is Linda Lael Miller through and through–always enjoyable.

  #4 The Carsons of Mustang Creek

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