I am a #BibRavePro

I have been sitting on this information for a couple of weeks, and today is finally the day I can make the announcement: I have been chosen as a 2018 BibRave Pro!

If you run races, I’m sure you’ve heard of http://www.bibrave.com, if not, then you should check it out. This site has the best reviews of races available, and can help you find your next race to target.

Beyond just the races, the company hosts one of the best Twitter chats on a weekly basis (#BibChat). This is what drew me to them. I saw some of my fellow runners on Twitter joining in on the conversation, and decided to join. Since then, I have tried to be there every week if I can. These chats vary in topic from racing, to runner safety.

So in the coming year, I will be updating how my running is going, and what great opportunities I have been presented through this program.

But for now, I will finish this by saying: I am very excited. I am a BibRave Pro!

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