Introducing Kyle Wasmer, author of Three Days Short of Three Years

“I’m looking forward to working with you again and again.”

Kyle Wasmer has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Hardin Simmons University, with a number of hours in a master’s degree from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. I am currently membered with Pioneer Drive Baptist Church in Abilene, Texas.

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Book description…

To Infinity & Beyond! Is it possible you were predestined by God, before the creation of this world came forth? If it’s possible, you may be an undercover brother and sister; one or the other to unite as a country; rather than, divide as a world. Is it possible that Herod the Tetrarch expressed his eros love to the daughter of Herodias, in admiration of her request? Thus producing the domino effect of King Herod’s phileo love for John the Baptist, by using another prisoner (sacrificial in thought) for his supposed pig face on a platter; in admiration of John’s wisdom and insight revealed in his concern with Herod’s brother Philip. All the while, producing waves of agape love towards the Alpha & Omega in currents of psychedelic effect that are beyond human comprehension. Is it possible that the birth of our beloved Christ was extra-terrestrial? If it’s possible, you should get extra-terrestrial with me.

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