Murder in an English Village-Giveaway

Jessie: Looking at patches of snow in the shady parts of the backyard.

On Halloween, in addition to handing out a wide variety of sugary treats, it was my very great pleasure to celebrate the release of my latest mystery, Murder in an English Village. It was exactly the sort of book I have always enjoyed reading. I think the title says it all. It features a pair of amateur sleuths, an American adventuress named Beryl and an English proper spinster named Edwina.  There is even a little dog named Crumpet to keep them both company.

In it I was able to create just the sort of village I enjoy reading about in the works of Agatha Christie, M. C. Beaton or even our own delightful Dorothy Cannell. I had the pleasure of  dreaming up a fabulous motorcar, a beautiful but shabby garden and even a tea room. The entire process was enormous fun. It was a lot like taking a time traveling vacation.

Fortunately for me, the book is the first in a series. I recently turned in the second one and have now started in on planning the third. For those of you who enjoy lighthearted romps through the English countryside and placid villages with sinister doings lurking just beneath the surface, I invite you to leave a comment telling me about your favorite sort of mystery novel, or your favorite historical time period. I will give away a hardcover copy of the book to a randomly chosen commenter.

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