Recent Reads: Summer thrillers

As many of you readers may have noticed, I have been reading at a bit of a slower pace so far this year than I have in the past.

But all that changed last week when I absolutely tore through two thrillers guaranteed to give you chills during the peak of the summer.

First up was The Hand that Feeds You by A. J. Rich (a pseudonym for two authors who collaborated on this book).

From Goodreads page

The story follows Morgan, a graduate student studying victimology, who returns home from class to find her fiance dead of an apparent dog mauling–by Morgan’s dogs.

As Morgan tries to come to grips with the loss of her dogs and the sudden death of the man she loved, she realizes that man may not have been who he said he was. Morgan discovers multiple other fiances and a woman who appears to be pulling the strings.

The plot comes to a shocking conclusion where all is revealed (I won’t spoil it for you) and after a brief stint in jail, Morgan unveils the truth to everyone and the right person gets what they deserve.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a relatively quick read and was written well. The plot took many twists and turns and really kept you engaged as a reader. I would highly recommend it.

I finished The Hand that Feeds You in three days and almost immediately picked up Megan Miranda’s The Perfect Stranger when I was finished.

I had read Miranda’s breakout hit, All the Missing Girls, last summer and was curious to see how this year’s summer thriller would go.

I was not disappointed.

From Goodreads page

Leah, a former reporter, moves to small town Pennsylvania with her former roommate, Emmy, for both of them to start over. (The reasons why for Leah are slowly unveiled throughout the book.)

Shortly after Leah begins a job teaching at the local high school, a woman is found badly beaten. The woman looks remarkably like Leah and soon thereafter, Emmy disappears without a trace.

Leah is left searching for answers and trying to figure out who Emmy is as her backstory unravels. Detective Kyle Donovan is the lead on the case and begins to suspect Leah before ultimately helping her to find the truth.

I really enjoyed this book. I couldn’t put it down. I would just turn page after page and would lose all track of time (and got some sunburns to prove it).

Unlike All the Missing Girls, The Perfect Stranger is told in chronological order with some flashbacks worked in. I like that style of writing better because it is easier to track multiple characters, especially with a story arc that involves complication and mystery.

I would highly recommend The Perfect Stranger as well. It would be a great beach read over the Labor Day weekend if you’re still looking for something to read.


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