The Happily Everlasting Series, A Cozy Paranormal Mystery


This is a collaboration project series situated in a world created jointly by several authors. Each author contributes a book, featuring new main characters and some recurring common side characters situated in the town of Everlasting.

Dead Man Talking (The Happily Everlasting Series, #1) by Jana Deleon available for purchase on Amazon

I read this book second and as I mentioned below, it all started with Kristen Painter. That said, Jana Deleon did not disappoint at all, quite opposite, she wrote an equally beautiful story with a nice plot, beautiful romance and a twist in the end.

The story features Zoe, the career meteorologist from LA who comes back to Everlasting to take care of her aunt Sapphire. Dane, Zoe’s former love interest, is hired by her aunt to renovate the house, the Lighthouse to be more precise. What I wouldn’t give to visit that lighthouse and stay the night. The author made it sound divine.

The chemistry and interactions between Zoe and Dane are quite interesting, and apart from Sapphire there are some really great side characters. The paranormal part is subtle but gripping and cats are absolutely magnificent.

Once Hunted, Twice Shy (The Happily Everlasting Series #2) by Mandy M. Roth available for purchase on Amazon

This was one delightful read. I am not very familiar with this author, so I did not know what to expect, but this book was so lovely it became one of my favourites by the time I reached twenty percent. There is nothing but adorable stuf in this book, even the monster.

The characters are incredibly lovable and sweet, as well as capable and strong. I have no idea how the author managed to achieve that but I loved every page of this book. The main characters are Penelope and Hugh. Penelope has a really funny fashion sense and uses funny verbal constructs instead of curses. That part was so funny, it had me in many unexpected fits of laughter in random moments throughout the book. I am not giving any more details about them because it is more fun when the unexpected happens. I promise.

There is an array of supporting characters who are sweet, amazing and funny. There are a couple of grumpy characters, but they are quite lovable as well. All of the characters are well developed and the author contributed greatly to the Everlasting world development. The writing is superb and the story is well thought of and developed. At the moment, I am under the impression that this is a one time arrangement, but I do hope this series continues, as I would love to read more.

Fooled Around and Spelled In Love (The Happily Everlasting Series, #3) by Michelle M. Pillow available for purchase on Amazon

This was another great book in the series and further development of the world and the characters in Everlasting. The book is fabulously written and the story seamlessly weaves in some of the characters and events from the previous books.

The main characters are Anna, a witch in denial, and Jackson, an investigative journalist who returns to Everlasting after many years of being away. Anna is the owner of Witch’s Brew Coffee Shop and Bakery, a place where everyone goes and the place well known by now, as it was featured quite a bit in the previous stories. Anna lives with her quirky aunt Polly, who is a great character, also familiar from the previous books.

There is a mystery to be solved and Anna and Jackson do not stop until they solve it. There is an array of side characters, some familiar, some new, but all interesting. The story is very engaging and quite difficult to leave before the end and characters are well developed and lovable. It was a great read.

Witchful Thinking (The Happily Everlasting Series, #4) by Kristen Painter available for purchase on Amazon

I did not read these books in order, so this was the first book I read from this series, and it is written by one of my favourite authors. The author is the reason I picked up this series in the first place. As I expected, it is a very nice paranormal romance and a fourth book of a new series. It is not written in the style of Nocturne Falls, author’s recent series, but in a way, it does have a similar cosy feeling, in a sense of a beautiful ending and lovable characters, as well as proper villains.

Writing is superb, as is character development, but I have come to expect nothing less from Kristen Painter. The world building is slow, as I have come to recognise as her signature style. In other words, she always makes me wonder what else is there, but as the story progress, she reveals more and more of the world, until I find myself there, because it becomes so incredibly vivid.

I liked this story very much. As all the other stories, it is situated in the town called Everlasting. It did not involve many characters, apart from the two leads, a delightful Sheriff and a handful of side characters. The main female lead is novice witch Charlotte and the lead male character is Walker, a witch hunter and some kind of paranormal investigator working for a secret organisation. They are both extremely likable. Charlotte is a librarian and she has a beautiful big orange cat. (I always feel like adopting a cat after reading Kristen Painter’s books.) Their interactions and the chemistry between them are wonderful, and in the combination with the plot, I just couldn’t put the book down. I started reading and did not stop until I was done.

Total Eclipse of the Hunt (The Happily Everlasting Series, #5) by Mandy M. Roth available for purchase on Amazon

This book was a complete surprise as it was not really announced in advance, so I considered it a special gift. Additionally, this was probably my favourite book so far. It was sweet, with a lot of suspense and it made me laugh. Jake aka Deputy March is the main male protagonist and familiar from previous books. Kelsey, the main female character, is new to Everlasting and her reactions are hilarious at times.

I am not a huge fan of love at first sight but this one was done masterfully and the story is delightful. Some of the familiar side characters are prominently featured, Hugh, Curt, Penelope, Wilber, Petey and Jolene. We also meet a new interesting character, which I hope will be featured in future books.

The story is interesting and I couldn’t put it down. The villains were oh so evil! and so sneaky, they made the story even better. I absolutely adore this series.

Curses and Cupcakes (The Happily Everlasting Series, #6) by Michelle M. Pillow available for purchase on Amazon

This is another great book in the series. The stories are getting better and better as the everlasting develops and we get to know the existing characters better and new characters get introduced.

The story features Marcy who we briefly meet in Fooled Around and Spelled In Love (The Happily Everlasting Series, #3). Anna, Jackson and Polly, from the same story, are prominently featured here as well. There are some references to the events from the previous books, so the story reads better if book order is observed.

The main male character is Nicholas, new firefighter in town. They are great as a couple and their chemistry is off the charts. Obviously, there are obstacles, a curse, and a villain, who remains a secret until the end. It was a great story and I cannot wait for more.

More about The Happily Everlasting Series and the authors is available on Goodreads and the series official website.

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