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Blood Storm (2012)

by Rhiannon Hart(Favorite Author)
4.29 of 5 Votes: 3
1742754783 (ISBN13: 9781742754789)
Random House Australia
review 1: It was a bit boring at the start but as it continued, it got interesting and by the end, I was almost hyperventilating! Jokes, not that extreme, but the ending made my heart pound faster and it was really good- except for the fact that Rodden was in the cave. Is he okay? He has to be okay! Is he dead? He can't be dead; he mustn't be dead! Please don't be dead Rodden!!!!! Why did it have to end like that? :( I need the third book now!
review 2: My other obligations and priorities took a backseat while reading this book. This book was so much fun and nerve-wracking, in a positive sense. The Bond between Zeraphina and someone ( clears throat, I won't spoil ) her friend in this book was so engaging. The adventure and suspense are evr-present factors- no boring bits
... more - and some very realistic 'crush' feelings were had... if not by Zeraphina, then by me lol. The ending came way too soon. And then I read the intro to 'Blood Phantom'. less
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wow this book is a-maz-ing. no joke. just wow
I loved it! I want to read the next bok ASAP.
Omg i hated this ending
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