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Superboy, Volume 1: Incubation (2012)

by Scott Lobdell(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 3
1781163898 (ISBN13: 9781781163894)
Titan Publishing Company
Superboy Vol. VI
review 1: I only know Superboy through the cartoons and this re-introduction to him for The New 52 is awesome. Of course, I just love Scott Lobdell so I'm not surprised I thoroughly enjoyed. Not being a huge Superman fan, I didn't know what to expect but the characters in this are fantastic. The three anti-hero females: Rose Wilson, Caitlin Red and Wonder Girl really made the story for me. Supergirl makes a cameo which was fun and the Teen Titans, while not really appearing are in the background of the plot. Lots of stuff is going on and the beginnings of "The Culling" arc are being put into place but the main theme of the whole volume is Superboy's birth, days in the NOWHERE lab, his release into the real world and his coming to terms with his superpowers as they expand while he ga... moreins more control of them. Really a great beginning to a story I want to continue!
review 2: Quite introspective for a comic book. A lot of internalization and re-iteration of thought, so it was light on action, but heavy on character.I like the new personality they are giving Kon-El. In the pre New-52, I always felt that Superboy was a bit too jockish, brutish, and thick-headed; but, this new Superboy is kinda nerdy, with perspicacity and a pinch of impishness. The series is just starting out, so I think they are coaching Kon-El through a lot of angsty emotions... but it should be interesting to see what he is like when he gets through all this angst.Unfortunately the art is just terrible in this volume. Flat, two-dimensional, expressionless, small-faces. To me, the new Superboy resembles Daniel Radcliffe too much. And I've said it elsewhere and I will say it again here (because she makes a cameo): the new Supergirl costume is absolutely terrible; put some clothes on her, please!!!I didn't love this volume, but I am intrigued. 3.5/5 less
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Quite interesting. Can't wait to see who Superboy's donors are and what happens next!!!
I didn't *hate* it, but his super-intelligence got in the way of his innocence.
A little wordy and some art issues but i enjoyed the story.
Wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did.
I like the new take on superboy.
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