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One Hell Of A Ride (2012)

by Seanan McGuire(Favorite Author)
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Seanan McGuire
review 1: I don't typically like short fiction - but as I start the next installment it looks like some of these short reads and prequel stories (many of which are free downloads on the author's website! Check it out!) may have more of a feel of a serialized novel, which makes me very happy. At any rate, I loved this peek into the ancestors of the characters from the Incryptid series - I figured I'd enjoy it fine, but it was so much more of a perfect little read than I thought, and now I MUST READ THEM ALL.Also, I understand that Aeslin mice would be a terrible pain, and I have cats already, but I really kind of want some of these damn mice. Long live the Aeslin mice! [background high-pitched cheering]
review 2: It's no secret I loved Seanan's first InCryptid novel, DISC
... moreOUNT ARMAGEDDON, and am wildly excited for the March release of the second, MIDNIGHT BLUE-LIGHT SPECIAL. This short story is one of three that sets up some of the family background of the Healy-Price clan, focusing on Jonathan Healy's return home to Michigan from Arizona in the company of Frances Brown. Needless to say, the train-ride doesn't go as expected, said train taking a detour into Hell itself. I enjoyed the sense of normalcy established at the start of the story, and the sense that these two unlikely companions both enjoy and are exasperated by each other. The sense of the danger the characters are in once the train jumps dimensions is not quite as palpable as it might have been (I never felt like the Border Imps were really a threat to either main character, although clearly they are murderously dangerous to everyone else), but that didn't diminish the story for me. It's like watching episodes of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles after having watched Raiders of the Lost Ark ... you already know the story is about world- and character-building and not about Our Heroes being in any real danger. But the story zips along like .. well, like a runaway train, and the trip is thrilling. less
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Suffice to say I'm more than a bit intrigued and can't wait for Discount Armageddon to release.
What a fun introduction to her new series. I can't wait for the first novel to come out :D
All I needed to see was that the Aeslin Mice were in the story and I knew I'd enjoy it.
Cute little story
Cute shortie.
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