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Windigo Island (2014)

by William Kent Krueger(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 5
147674923X (ISBN13: 9781476749235)
Atria Books
Cork O'Connor
review 1: Windigo Island isn't your traditional mystery - it's much less about whodunit than what's really going on with missing Ojibwe girls. Krueger paints a tragically realistic picture of life on northern plains Indian reservations, particularly for young girls and boys, and the desperate measures they take to escape lives of poverty and hoplessness. Creating an ex-cop private investigator with Ojibwa blood as the main character and including other Ojibwa characters who have done well in their lives and who carry on many of the native traditions creates a much stronger story-line and, perhaps, gives hope to Indian young people. Krueger uses real settings (towns, restaurants, etc.) that make the story more true to life, particularly for people who live in or who have visited ... morenorthern Minnesota and Wisconsin. He explains, through his characters, why many Indians have inherited stereotypical images of themselves and how they struggle to break free. He also vividly describes the prejudice and racism that still exists regarding reservation Indians. Windigo Island is very well-written with an intriguing plot and colorful, realistic characters. It's my first Krueger book, but will definitely not be my last.
review 2: This is only the third Krueger book I've read, but I've enjoyed each of them for the same reason: he's just a darn good storyteller! For each book there are secondary reasons why I've enjoyed or appreciated his work, but they're overshadowed by his primary strength — his ability to tell a story in such a way that I almost feel like I'm part of it. It's a sign of a good author when you don't notice the language or the literary technique or even that you're reading. I will definitely seek out other Krueger books. less
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he just keeps getting better. these books are great mysteries within studies of the human spirit!
Did not find this one as good as other Krueger books, but looking forward to next one.
As is typical the twists and turns are great.
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