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Olivia, Mourning (Olivia, #1) (2013)

by Yael Politis(Favorite Author)
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Yael Politis
review 1: Well! I really want to shake someone - hard! Despite the fact that the author is obviously talented and her research of the era was seamlessly incorporated into an interesting story, I am left unsatisfied by this book on a number of levels. The first half was a beautifully written character study of a strong minded young white girl who wanted to take control of her life, and the young black man who helped her to achieve her goals. I thought both themes of gender and racial equality in that period of history were handed very well. I smiled and laughed out loud many times at the lovely relationship that developed between the two of them, and how their differences brought them together in so many ways. I was enchanted, and drove my husband nuts reading little snippets alo... moreud that particularly delighted me. Then - bam! - with one fell swoop the story changed direction completely and utterly. Despite not wanting to read the violent, debasing events that throw Olivia's life into turmoil, I appreciated that as a dramatic tool those events were effective in bringing change to her story. It went from hope to despair over a handful of paragraphs, and the transition felt abrupt, total and shocking. Olivia's struggle in the second half of the book is almost epic - she's really getting paid back by karma for the relative smoothness and harmony in the first. Sadly when Olivia lost hope, so did I. I am not criticising the author for using these events to develop her story. I am however criticising her for leaving the reader with so many unresolved issues surrounding the characters. But to ask us to invest emotionally in the characters and then leave most of the important issues unresolved is cruel and I can only assume a ham-fisted ploy to force the reader's hand to purchase the next book in the series. No thanks. Two stars for the parts I thoroughly enjoyed. Minus three stars for reader manipulation.
review 2: I fell headfirst into this story and didn't want it to end! The author went into amazing detail in the book, you can actually see tge story before you. Olivia has decided she wants more in life than to look after her brothers. She convinces Mourning to pack up his bags and help her start up a farm. Things don't quite work out for her. The book ends leaving you needing more. Great historical book that will keep you entertained. less
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This book has stayed with me... I can't shake it!! That's a sign of a good book!!
Wonderful storytelling, great characters. Am now reading the sequel.
I felt like I was in the moment with Olivia.
Excellent! Can't wait for the next book...
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